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Disciplines : Anthropologie, Ethnomusicologie.

Intérêts de recherche : Musique, Religion, Politique, Rituel, Migration, Transnationalisation, Diaspora, Identité, Ethnicité, Construction nationale, Religions éthiopiennes, Politiques culturelles et migratoires, Systématique musicale, Musicologie comparée, Symbolique des univers sonores.

Aires géoculturelles : L’Éthiopie et ses diasporas européennes et nord-américaines.

Principaux terrains : Éthiopie (Addis Abeba, Arba Minch, Jinka, Maale, Ari, Dorze, Kamba, Wolayta, Nuer, Anuak), Canada (Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa, Grande Prairie), États-Unis (Washington DC, Bloomington IN), France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille).


With training in Ethnomusicology (University of Paris 8) and Anthropology (EHESS), I initially specialized in the study of music among the multi-faithed and multi-cultural societies of Southern Ethiopia. Beyond the comparative perspectives of this work, I was particularly interested in studying the relationships between music, religion, politics and rituals. My PhD thesis, supervised by Prof. Frank Alvarez-Péreyre at the Advanced School for Social Sciences (EHESS, Paris), focused on the Maale Traditionalists of Southern Ethiopia, who act for the preservation of a society considered as authentic and based on a form of Ancestor worship and on a highly hierarchised social organization (lineages, chiefdoms, kingship). My coming documentary film will highlight the conflict of succession of the Maale traditional king.

From 2011 to 2015, I have conducted a postdoctoral research at the University of Montreal, under the supervision of Prof. Nathalie Fernando. As a SSHRC (2011-2013) and a Banting (2013-2015) postdoctoral Fellow, I was interested in studying the musical transnationalization of evangelical movements in Ethiopia and its diaspora, from the late 19th century to the present. Dealing with Mission studies, Hymnal studies, Diaspora studies and Transnational studies, I had the opportunity to collect the largest collection of Ethiopian Gospel Music worldwide. An online database is in progress to make this corpus available to a large audience.

A current postdoctoral Fellow at the Advanced School for Social Sciences (EHESS), I am carrying out a comparative study of the North American Native Music, from 1880 to the 1960s. In this context, I am dealing with the musical collections collected by the founders of the American Anthropology and Ethnomusicology, like Sapir, Boas, Densmore, Roberts, Kurath, Herzog, Nettl and Hood.

My fieldworks in Ethiopia (Maale, Ari, Kamba, Dorze, Nuer, Anuak, Addis Ababa, Arba Minch), France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille), Canada (Montreal, Grande Prairie, Toronto, Ottawa) and United States (Washington DC, Bloomington IN) registered in several projects (MAE, UNESCO, ANR, SSHRC) and laboratories (LMS, CÉAf, MCAM, OICRM, CEETUM, GRDU, SORC, IMM).

My research has been subject to several articles, recordings, ethnographic films, and lectures at international conferences. I taught anthropology and ethnomusicology at the Universities of Saint-Étienne (France), Montreal (Canada) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), as well as at the Cité de la musique de Paris and at the Pôle d’Enseignement Supérieur de la Musique in Dijon (France).